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Where Miracles Become Memories....
.... I am


I believe in the universal presence of God. I graciously accept the blessings that are given to me. I am a divine being with the presence of an angel. I am consious of my interations and actions reflected and real. I serve God's purpose for me in an active and enjoyable manner. I am respectful and encouraging to all whom are in my life on every plane of existence. My dreams are enhanced by my angles who tell me a symphonic story, guiding me through all of my days. I feel beautiful and appreciate the home in which I live, and all of natures mutil-dimensional stories singing before my eyes. I allow everyone to live there lives, trusting that they are in God's hands and so... am I....

"The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch."
* Michael Armstrong
Do it right now, not later! Take complete responsibility and pay off all of my debts in the next three months. Take over my car payments. Pay my mother for my return flight from England. Pay my father for Bartending Classes. Once this is accomplished and $1000 is in untouchable savings, take a vacation to SF, CA this summer. The reward is a sence of independence and a knowledge that I have activly taken responsibility for what I have accrued and I'll get to see a wonderful city that I have not yet seen.
I am responsible for all of my actions. I prove to myself that I am independent.
I have.... made a complete list of all of my debts and listed them with rewards both interpersonal/spiritual achievements and earthly desires. They are easily accesible and I know what my debts and rewards are.
I expected things to happen this quickly because I am strong and worthy of all life has to offer, and I mean what I say. At first I was shocked and giddy, in tears and thankful thankful thankful... Everything happened effortlessly. I am getting paid for a few creative hours work more than I've ever made in a week. It is all happening in San Francisco, four days from this entry!!! Everything unfolds perfectly.
I am a professional writer with a successful novel that I enjoy promoting. All of my interations are smooth and fullfulling.


I deserve the best of everything life has to offer. I choose to create a healthy lifestyle. The healthier I am the more energy I have to create better things for myself. My desires become healthy therefor my body, mind, and spirit are healthy. I attract healthy people and the best of everything is in my life. I choose this lifestyle knowing that the small steps are impermanent and yet provide eternal hapiness. The more I become all the more, I am successful. In any time I loose energy I draw from my inner recources of spirituality and thought to make that moment turn in a positive direction. Say a mantra, breathe, read something to laugh about, write something to stir my soul, have an intriguing conversation. The whole world is open to me and the recources are endless.

I have walked an hour a day for the last three months.I lost 20lbs and I have a healthy sleep schedule.

3/26 I walked 3.33 miles and did all of my weight training program.

4/1  I have walked 20 miles total in the last week. I feel healthier and more aware.



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