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Recall fatal intricacies of fondled attraction
submersed only by the lonely conceiving.
Rose petals submissively fall to the ocean floor,
imploding before history inscribes its own name.
Mountains of revered pride crumble into
migrated sands of irreverence, unknown.
Sands join the microscopic petals yet inverted,
mingling forcefully in the depths of the loneliest sea
Circling in frequencies of light, undismissed

2/2002 -Savanna

It is with this, that I welcome you experience my humble ecclesiastic musings I am a poet by nature, a photographer by visual election, and a spiritual dancer from all of the energy gathered by my audience.

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There's a tide beneath
all we beseach
On top of a starry mountain
or moonlit beach
No sphere no sire
will unfold the kept
The quite desolate streams
are the skies not wept
Keep it all in the tides there under
and no man should be left asunder.
Have you no time to unbury
the treasure?
Fan quickly princess
your work is not done
until the jewels are shone to the sun.

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